Thursday: National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel


Hi All!

Thursday was the final day of our journey. Over the previous week, students worked tirelessly to learn in great depth about many of the key moments of the Civil Rights Era. Just how much they’ve learned was put into perspective at our last stop, the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN.

As students spent over two hours working their way through this exceptional museum, they realized just how much they learned on the trip. If they’d come to the museum a month ago, so much of the information would have been brand new. Now, they walked through the museum already having a strong foundation with the material. It made the experience that much more special.

After finishing our walk through the museum, we enjoyed some Memphis BBQ for lunch and spent time reflecting on the week that was. After some songs and lots of hugs for Minninjean, we boarded our busses one last time for the short drive to the Memphis airport.

We landed back in Boston at 1am after a layover in Chicago. While we were all exhausted, there were lots of smiles as we left the airport together. It was a formative trip for students and teachers alike, with new friendships formed and voices found.

We thank you all for supporting our BHS students from start to finish with this year’s Sojourn cycle. It was a lot of hard, worthwhile work and it quite simply would not be possible each year without the support of the community.

Until next year,

Scott & Lizzy