Wednesday: Little Rock Central High School

Good Afternoon!

Today we woke up extra early in order to make the two hour drive from Memphis to Little Rock Central High School. Once we arrived, students spent time in the NPS museum set up next to the high school. They also spent time on the front steps of the school learning about those first days and experiencing the setting firsthand. It was a powerful and emotional experience after reading and hearing so much about the Little Rock Nine over the past few months.

Around noon we gathered in the LRCHS library to hear Elizabeth Eckford speak to us and answer student questions. Her strength radiates, but the scars of that incident are clearly still quite present for her. Her honesty about the challenges she’s faced in her life as a result of 1957 was appreciated and powerful. 

And now, we’re on our way back to Memphis. Students are learning about Dr. King’s final months and the causes he was getting involved with before his assassination. When we arrive in Memphis we’ll stop at the Lorraine Motel for an outdoor lesson, before returning tomorrow to tour the motel and museum.