Monday Morning: Services for Rev. Jimmy Webb

Good Morning!

Rev. Jimmy Webb was a dear friend of the Sojourn program. In 1965 at age sixteen, he peacefully confronted the encroaching authorities in Selma, famously asking “Sir, can we pray together, you and I?” The angry and racist response that this simple question evoked from a Sherrif’s Deputy helped to show the world just how much progress needed to be made.

Unfortunately, Rev. Webb passed away last week. He had been scheduled to meet with our students on the trip, as he had with many of the groups before us. His family knew we were coming to town, and asked Sojourn to join them for the services.

As such, we woke up this morning in Montgomery and returned to the AME Brown Chapel in Selma–the site where the 1965 Selma marches were organized and began–for Rev. Webb’s services. We sang, we hugged, we laughed, and after hearing so many speakers young and old attest to the impact of Mr. Webb’s life, many of us cried.

For those of us on our first Sojourn trip, it’s regretful not to have had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Webb. However, it’s a deep honor to have been involved in the beautiful ceremonies that celebrated his life this morning.

And now, we’re back on the bus and on the road to Birmingham.


Jim Webb, Selma ’65: